It’s no secret that your nonprofit’s capacity plays a significant role in securing and managing grants. 

A lengthy process goes into writing proposals and planning for the grant on your organization’s financial and operational side. Then, once awarded, you have to manage that grant effectively to meet deadlines, funder requirements, and other necessary and often surprising administrative tasks.

Grant management software makes these processes easier but is quite expensive. Databases can start anywhere from $35,000 and must be further customized to meet your needs. 

The good news is there are more cost-effective solutions available for organizations with limited resources and bandwidth.

Why Grants Management is Important

Disorganization can lead to missed deadlines, incomplete documents, and losing out on much-needed funding. Not only can this sour relationships with funders, but it also jeopardizes future opportunities.

The truth is, funders talk. When you improperly manage your grants, you might look like you don’t take the funding process seriously, which can damage your reputation in the philanthropic community. Funders granting money are taking a risk, so they need to be sure that whomever they are funding is prepared and able to manage those funds – otherwise, the risk is too high and not worth the investment. This is a scenario you never want to be in.

Maintaining a positive reputation with funders so you can count on future continued and new funding is so important. 

A Solution Beyond Expensive Software

Here’s the silver lining — not having expensive software doesn’t mean you can’t manage grants effectively. 

My journey in the non-profit sector began in grants management long before sophisticated software existed. This experience has empowered me to bridge the gap, supporting non-profits in effective grant management without expensive tools.

We work with non-profits to create customized tracking systems using simple spreadsheets, ensuring they don’t miss deadlines or lose track of essential documents – without fancy software or working over weekends.

Empowering Your Grant Management 

If you need help efficiently managing grants and funder relationship support without expensive software, we can help. Book a complimentary discovery call to see how our solutions at PAGE Capacity Builders can support your grant management needs today!

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