Who We Are

PAGE Capacity Builders envisions an equitable world where leaders and organizations are empowered with the capacity to effect positive community change. And we believe you can do that while having fun along the way.


Our mission is to empower and equip leaders and organizations for positive change, fostering equity through innovative partnerships and sustainable solutions.


Equity and Impact

We are deeply committed to fostering economic, social, and racial equity in all our endeavors. Our passion for catalyzing positive change fuels our work, ensuring meaningful and sustainable outcomes

Innovation and Excellence

We embrace creative problem-solving and innovative thinking as fundamental aspects of our approach. Our commitment to innovation enables us to consistently deliver effective solutions, even in complex situations. We tackle challenges with determination and perseverance, relentlessly pursuing excellence and impact.

Collaborative Partnership

Commitment and care are the cornerstones of our partnerships. We thrive on working closely with leaders and organizations, valuing strong partnerships as we collectively strive for mutual success. Our commitment to transparency and authenticity ensures that our partners are fully informed and engaged in the process, fostering trust and open communication.

Page and her team are committed to partnering with you to help you reach your vision through creative problem-solving and innovative thinking that produces effective solutions, sustainable outcomes, and positive change for your organization and the community you serve.



As a concept-to-execution professional and the Founder and Lead Consultant at PAGE Capacity Builders, I bring 16 years of professional experience in providing capacity building and technical assistance support to community-based, philanthropic, and government partners.

I began my journey in the nonprofit sector in 2008, at the Center for Urban Families. I served as CFUF’s Grants and Contracts Compliance Manager, helped develop CFUF’s Practitioner’s Leadership Institute (PLI), and ultimately became the PLI Manager and then Director in 2013.
During my tenure at CFUF, I wore many hats outside of my main role, including supporting and/or managing events, policy advocacy initiatives, research projects, website infrastructure, and social media platforms.

Additionally, I served as the Project Manager for a 3-year Training and Technical Assistance Cooperative through the US Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families. Through this project, I redesigned healthy relationship curricula to be replicable for other direct service organizations, as well as designed and implemented trainings and workshops on the curricula, and best and innovative practices in creating, implementing, and refining healthy relationship programs for low-income couples.

In 2014, I transitioned to working as an independent consultant and founded my own firm, now known as PAGE Capacity Builders – this allows me to do the work that I am so passionate about while also being home with my two young sons.

At PAGE Capacity Builders, we provide thoughtfully designed capacity solutions to non-profit organizations, philanthropic entities, government agencies, and other consulting firms, with a focus on organizational stability and growth, system auditing and restructuring, and training and technical assistance.

Page with her arms crossed


Growing up in rural western Maryland, my early life experiences of being the underdog have deeply shaped my perspectives. I’ve known the struggle of working tirelessly and paying my way through life from a young age. Leaving home at the age of 12 to pursue a professional ballet career exposed me to diverse cultures and gave me invaluable perspectives and experiences that continue to shape my life today.

Traveling and performing across the world with renowned companies like the Kirov Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, the Washington Ballet, and others, I realized how so many of us are connected as humans, regardless of experience, circumstance, or geography, always making me more curious about life’s journey being reliant on factors out of our control. My journey led me to Indiana University to study ballet, followed by a return to Maryland, where I completed a B.A. in English from Towson University in 2006.

The tragic loss of a close friend to suicide in 2008 was a turning point, igniting my passion to deepen my understanding of people and make a difference. It was a stark reminder of life’s brevity and the impact of inaccessible resources for those most in need of them. This realization steered me towards the non-profit sector, marking the beginning of my path to healing and introspection at the Center for Urban Families. There, I found my calling in supporting the organization’s mission, driven by a desire to understand and alleviate human suffering. Here, I found my voice in how I could best contribute – my role in providing crucial organizational support behind-the-scenes, was actually helping critical institutions thrive and reach those most in need.

Motherhood further shaped my journey, leading me to establish PAGE Capacity Builders, which allows me to balance my role as an active parent and community member with my commitment to causes beyond my own mission. Witnessing the transformative effects of our partnership with clients fuels my enthusiasm each day. It’s a joy to connect with others who share this deep sense of care and purpose in order to positively impact the lives of others.



Away from work, I spend most of my non-working time with my family, volunteering, and connecting with my community. I love spending time in nature, baking, reading, and traveling around our amazing world to experience new cultures! I’ve lived in Baltimore since 2002 and love volunteering my time to create and improve human service programs, community development initiatives, and family-centric initiatives/programs.

For 23 years, I have made Baltimore City my home, where I am deeply involved in community engagement and the growth of youth and family-centric programs. I actively participated in the Greater Remington Improvement Association (GRIA), where I collaborated with fellow residents to enhance the quality of life in our neighborhood. Serving as a board member of Project I CAN and chairing the GRIA Playground Development Committee were particularly rewarding experiences that allowed me to contribute to projects with a direct impact on our community.

These collective experiences have strengthened my dedication to community investment and reinforced my belief in the power of individuals coming together to create positive transformations. My personal and professional pursuits are intertwined with the goal of making a meaningful difference in the lives of others and in the communities we call home.

Professional Accomplishments

Developed three $9M grantmaking portfolios and designed accompanying programmatic and institutional infrastructure strategies for the Baltimore Children and Youth Fund during its inaugural launch.

Designed and mobilized a 12-month capacity support strategy and feedback loop process for 10 BIPOC-led grantee organizations of the B’More Invested initiative bringing together subject matter experts and grantee leaders and organizations, as well as funding for capacity support projects.

Raised $10M+ in local, state, federal, and private monies supporting organizations and social service programs benefiting low-income families, disconnected/foster youth, and public health, education, and workforce systems, leaders, and the communities they serve.

Led restructuring and merging of infrastructures, teams, cultures, and leadership roles for the combining of the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence and the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions.

Led the design and technical implementation of the OSI-Baltimore Community Fellowship Affinity Group Gathering hosting 60 OSI-Community fellows through strategic planning work sessions.

Was Selected to Serve as the Interim Senior Program Officer of Education Achievement for the Baltimore Civic Site team at the Annie E. Casey Foundation for 6 months, overseeing a local funding portfolio focused on early childhood and K-12 educational achievement in Baltimore City.

Let’s Chat

I’d love to talk with you to see how PAGE Capacity Builders can partner with your organization to create meaningful and sustainable change in your community.