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We Help Nonprofits Achieve Their Vision

Partnering with PAGE Capacity Builders means you’ll get 16 years of collaborative, client-focused nonprofit experience at your fingertips. We’ve provided customized, full-service, and sustainable solutions to help over 200 mission-driven organizations make an even greater impact in their communities.

Executive Coaching and Advising

Our Nonprofit Executive Advising services are tailored to the unique needs of nonprofit leaders and teams. We bring a wealth of experience to the table, offering insights and strategic guidance that empower you to navigate challenges, tackle complex issues, and make informed decisions. Our approach is centered on optimizing your organization’s performance, addressing complex issues head-on, and fostering sustainable growth. 

Whether it’s entering into a leadership role, addressing funding challenges, or capitalizing on new opportunities, our support provides you with the agility, confidence, and foresight needed to navigate the nonprofit journey and thrive. We are committed to helping you achieve operational excellence, ensuring your nonprofit thrives and makes a lasting impact in the communities it serves.

Our Nonprofit Executive Coaching services provide a safe environment to maximize your personal and professional potential and to develop and enhance your leadership and management competencies. Our tailored coaching unlocks self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and capacity to influence others so you can amplify your performance and achieve your goals. Executive coaching provides accountability and support to guide you in finding your own answers, identifying and addressing blind spots, and fostering confidence to determine your next steps.

Strategy Plan

Event Strategy & Execution

At the heart of every memorable and impactful event lies a well-crafted Event Strategy, something we excel in. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large-scale festival, we ensure that each event exceeds your expectations. Our expertise in community event planning extends beyond mere organization. We create experiences that truly resonate with your target audience and align seamlessly with your core objectives and mission.

Whether you want us to create a comprehensive, tailored event plan or manage every detail so you can spend time connecting with your attendees, you can expect meticulous planning, innovative design, and flawless execution. We focus on creating an atmosphere that fosters engagement, nurtures community spirit, and leaves a lasting impact on all attendees. Let us help you transform your vision into an event that celebrates your mission and brings your community together in a memorable and meaningful way.


Fund Development Strategies & Grant Writing Services

Our thoughtful and impactful Fund Development strategies unlock your organization’s potential with sustainable, long-term funding solutions to propel your mission forward, expand your reach, and enhance your impact. Our approach to fund development strategies is designed to pave a clear path toward your organizational goals.

Working closely with you and your team, we craft a comprehensive fund development plan that encompasses a range of strategies, from identifying potential funding sources to creating compelling grant applications aligned with your mission, vision, and objectives. Our grant writing expertise is the catalyst for unleashing your organization’s full potential. We specialize in creating persuasive grant proposals that articulate your mission with clarity and passion. Our approach to grant writing is centered on conveying your story compellingly and convincingly to potential funders. By translating your vision and objectives into eloquent and persuasive applications, we open doors to increased financial support.

Our fund development packages provide flexibility to tailor services specifically to your organization. Let us help you navigate the complex world of fundraising, turning challenges into opportunities and aspirations into achievements. With our support, your vision for change becomes a tangible reality, drawing the backing and recognition it deserves.

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Grants Management

Procuring funding is the first step, but the real magic happens next. Our Grants Management packages are tailored to help you bring your grant to life so you can follow through with your goals and increase your community impact while managing the administrative and procedural aspects of the grants efficiently.

Let us refine your grant management process to help you effectively satisfy funder requirements, track spending, report progress, and manage grant cycles. Our tailored services mean we can also create a system, build out your processes, provide team training, and fulfill other grant management needs as required. We are committed to helping you achieve operational excellence, ensuring your nonprofit thrives and makes a lasting impact in the communities it serves.


Organizations We’ve Worked With Say…

Invested and Committed Partner

“In a consultant, I wanted someone who would work with me as a partner – someone who would be equally invested in the outcome. I greatly appreciated your sensitivity to the work and the way you showed interest as well as engagement. I felt as though you were as invested in and as committed to the work as I was. It was clear you understood and valued the work of the fellows who founded various initiatives to address the needs of Baltimore’s underserved and marginalized communities.”

–Pamela King, Senior Program Manager, The Open Society Institute – Baltimore

Passion, Experience, Energy and Care

“Page comes with passion, experience, energy, care, and, most importantly, a desire to see you win, and to see you win in partnership with the broader ecosystem, in ways that sometimes you can’t even imagine or see yet for yourself. Her passion and background in non-profits, community development, workforce, youth development, and someone who has lived in and loved on Baltimore makes her a unique partner in the consulting space, a mix of talents rarely found in one person and one team.” 

–Julia Baez, Executive Director, Baltimore’s Promise

Delivering Results That Exceed Expectations

“Working with Page on the Bmore Invested Project was an absolute pleasure. She maintains the utmost integrity, even under the most difficult circumstances, which is truly remarkable. What sets Page apart is her expertise and ability to make the entire process seamless and enjoyable for everyone involved. Above all, Page consistently demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to staying on task, consistently delivering results that exceed expectations. I highly recommend Page’s services to anyone seeking a top-notch consultant and partner in the work!”

–Danielle Torain-Victor, J.D. Executive Director of The Open Society Institute – Baltimore

Synergy of Knowledge, Experience, and Effective Communication

“I was initially intrigued with the name Capacity Builders because it was one of the major challenges I was trying to address, building capacity as a team of one. The specific services offered, like Program Design and Strategic Planning, also caught my attention. After speaking with Page and references, it was crystal clear I found the right organization for our growth plans. It is always great to work with people who have the right mix of knowledge, experience, and temperament and who are good communicators. I have found that in Page! Working with Page has been a great experience, and I am looking forward to greater things in the years to come!”

– Jimmy Stewart, Project Jumpstart

Strategic Insight And Wealth Of Knowledge

“Page propelled our vision forward in ways we never imagined. Before Page, we were lost in a sea of ideas without direction, but her strategic insight and wealth of knowledge helped us define our mission, vision, and values, setting a solid foundation for success. Collaborating with Page brought unity to our team, streamlined our goals, and clarified our objectives through collaborative planning sessions. The most rewarding outcome was the creation of a compelling message and website that effectively communicates our mission to the world, all thanks to Page’s unwavering dedication. Working with Page has truly transformed our dream into a reality, and we are incredibly grateful for her instrumental contributions to our organization’s meaningful journey.”

– Leticia Sharp Founder/Executive Director of Youth Becoming Global Citizens

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